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Here is a Takeshi Kingdom exclusive! On this page we have a great selection of exclusive interviews from Takeshi's Castle contestants and all the main team members behind America's MXC/Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.

A massive, massive thank you to Joshua Murphy for letting us share these interviews, and a massive thank you to the following interviewees!

UK Crew:

Ben and Alex Mole (Producer and Writer)

MXC Crew:

Victor Wilson (Voice of Vic Romano, and Supervising Producer of Season 3)

Mary Scheer (Female voice overs, producer, supervising producer)

Christopher Darga (Producer, writer, and various voice overs)

John Cervenka (Co writer, and various voice overs)

Larry Strawther (Executive Producer)

Herb Goss (Story editor/producer)

Paul Abeyta (Co-creator of MXC)

Kip Madsen (Writer and occasional voice over)


Russ Price (Episode 110)

Joe Phalan (Episode 71)

Scott Trickey (Episode 125)

Jasper Lopers (Episode 106 and "Way Of Life" Contestant)

Roger Costanguay (Episodes 83 and 110)

Kevin Krecji (Episode 83)

Stephen Chao (Episode 106 and "King Of The Mountain" Producer)

Eric Sommers (Episode 110)