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Jasper Lopers, Way of Life Winner and Takeshiís Castle Contestant.

Interview by Jose Chung

Jose: How did you find out about the Way Of Life Show?

I am member of a sky dive club and one of the members said that we could join without pre-selections if we should make a jump during the show.

Jose: We donít know much about The Netherlandsís Way Of Life Show, could you tell us about it? What kind of format did it have? What were the prizes? Was Ron Brandsteder the only host?

The Way of Life Show was a format about living healthy, without smoking and drinking. It was sponsored by a Dutch organisation called "Hartstichting", thatís an organisation which does research on heart diseases. The Way of Life Show had pre-selections throughout the country. It was possible to join if you were member of a sports club. There was one prize only. The show took 13 episodes. In Holland we have 12 provinces, so that were the first 12 shows. Every male winner got about $1500 and every female also $1500. The 13th show was the final. I won that one also and that added another $3000. The prizes were not as high as other countries I understood but it was still fun. Ron Brandsteder was the only host. It was only on for one year on TV. It was in the papers that a lot of people got hurt (broken bones, bruces, etc.)

Jose: What games did you play on the Way of Life Show?

It started with Ďthe wallí, The first 40 competitors (20 male/20 female) went through. Then the floating stones, then the rope-bridge, then the doors (running trough the doors, some of them solid, some with netting etc) and the final was up the mountain when the rocks were rolling down.

Jose: Did you get to meet any of the hosts like Ron Brandsteader?

Jasper: Yes, especially when you were one of the final competitors he was ready to talk to you.

Jose: How long after Way of Life were you approached about going to Japan to compete on Takeshiís Castle?

That was about one or two weeks after the show.

Jose: Did you know any of your fellow Dutch competitors?

Not before the show, after the show I met and be-friended the competitors.

Jose: How long were you in Japan?

We stayed there about 10 days. As I remember it was three days for the show and the other days side seeing through Tokyo.

Jose: Besides competing on Takeshiís Castle, what else did you do while you were in Japan?

We had a good time with the American and Taiwanese competitors. We went to Disneyland-Tokyo, to several bars (which loved to have western people in the house), shopping, travelling through the city, and visiting temples.

Jose: You were shown playing 3 games The Sumo Wrestling Game, The Star Wars Game, and the final Laser Cart game. What was it like playing those games?

The Sumo Wrestling Game was a lucky shot, I draw the skinny gentleman. As I remember they didnít like it that I lifted him up, threw him on the ground and put one foot on his chest (the western victory sign). Japan is a country with a lot of respect for each other, also your oponent.

Jose: Did you play any other games that werenít shown?

No, I didnít.

Jose: Did you get to meet any of the Japanese hosts? If so, what weíre they like?

Only during a diner party on the scene of the show. There were a lot of traditional dressed Japanese women and others. I can not remember that I had a chat with the host. Also we had an evening that all the competitors were together and we did several things from our own country like singing, acting etc.

Jose: Would you compete on the show again?

I hope my body still wants to do so, my mind is ready for such an experience. Of course we all gained some years and weight.

Iím Jasper, the winner of the Dutch Way of Life Show. Welcome at the Takeshi Kingdom